Zeus (Kamil Rutkowski) – rapper and music producer from Łódź, active on the stage since 1998. Since 2006, he has been co-creating the Pierwszy Milion squad with Joteste. In 2012, they started operating as a record label with the same name. The rapper has two mixtapes released under the name of the Pierwszy Milion group and seven LPs. “Zeus. Nie żyje” and “Zeus. Jest super”, released successively in 2012 and 2015, enjoyed considerable popularity in Poland for a long time, thanks to which both obtained the status of a Platinum Record. The artist’s most popular single is the song “Hypotermia”, the clip for which has already recorded over 26 million views on YouTube. In 2022, the last album “In Search of Yourself” was released, which hit the top of the Official Record Sales List in Poland.

Alex Serra

Alex Serra is a musician and explorer from the Mediterranean city of Barcelona. His debut album ‘In the Real World’ (2019) springs from an inspiring four-year self-discovery journey starting in 2012 and taking him through Latin America and South Africa, where he connects with musicians from different musical roots that permeate his music with a unique and regenerating energy. He created his first album navigating through genres such as downtempo/soul/dub/reggae. These songs recreate the soundscapes and emotions that Alex picked up on his journey around the world, combining with electronic beats of afro-latin rhythms, and an exquisite use of textures and dub fx. Since then Alex Serra & Totidub have toured all over the world. ‘In the Real World’ has become a worldwide phenomenon reaching over 177 countries and played more than 29 million times all over the planet.


Singer, composer, and lyricist, co-owner of the record company Kayax, which releases albums and promotes talented Polish artists. She is one of the most recognized and appreciated artists in Poland, known for such great hits as “Po co,” “Supermenka,” “Na językach,” “Prawy do lewego,” “Śpij kochanie śpij,” and the recent hit “Ramię w ramię.” Throughout her solo music career, she has received the most important music awards, and all of her albums have achieved Gold, Platinum, and even Diamond status. She is currently working on her new album.


Marika is an artist who writes lyrics and composes music for herself and many other well-known artists. She was the first singer to perform the reggae-dancehall style in Poland on a large scale. She played hundreds of concerts in Poland and abroad, e.g. in France, UK, USA, India, China. She hosted three editions of the well-known The Voice of Poland program, but that’s not all, because Marika is also the author of larger literary forms. She wrote the book “Antydepressants”, a collection of stories and song lyrics enriched with beautiful illustrations. On April 13, 2023, after a five-year break, she released a new album entitled “Cycle”. Her sixth full-length album consists of 11 tracks that will allow the listener to cleanse themselves of the emotions suppressed inside. The songs on the album concern deepening the relationship with oneself and the world, ask questions about self-acceptance and finding a place in the reality of consumer saturation.

Sam Garrett

Sam Garrett is an English singer and songwriter whose music emphasizes his spiritual journey that explores Eastern philosophy, meditation, yoga and the Wisdom of Rastafari.  Sam’s music lifts people up and inspires hearts and souls. With the skillful combination of vocals and guitar, it lightens the mood with reggae riffs in “Lost in the Moment” and calms our minds with gentle tones of “Higher than the mountains”, offering a unique journey and depth. 

Ayla Schafer

Ayla is a multilingual singer and songwriter of “world folk” and a visionary artist that combines a dazzling repertoire of original poetic songs with traditional and tribal music. With a growing international presence, she has become known as the “Voice of the Earth” and is a powerful voice in a growing global community of people who are committed to living in harmony with earth.  She expresses her vision through spiritual ceremonies, “Song of the Soul” and “Womb Song” workshops/retreats, women’s circles, individual voice coaching and water ceremonies.

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