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vegan food courts



4 $

per hour of the live event

About the event

Life is your most important project, start living in earnest!

Life Balance Congress is the biggest in this part of Europe, three days long event focused on maintaining life balance.

Take part in international speaker’s lectures, concerts and expo. See for yourself what the power of inner balance is all about. You can achieve it by balancing your three features - body, mind and spirit.

Your growth is our mission which we fulfill by reminding you that every goal that you write down can become your reality. YOU are the one that creates YOUR life.


Life Balance Congress IS

Life Balance Congress is an experience that will remind you what your childhood felt like, where everything was an adventure and joy was the natural state of your mind, body and spirit. According to Hawkins’ concept of level of consciousness, you will spark creativity and achieve the highest productivity and satisfaction in what you do through joy.

When you are enjoying life, you find yourself in the highest state of life energy. We will put you in this state during those three days of our event, thanks to the enormous power that comes from participants and live concerts. Join us in the adventure to find joy. You will meet the companions on this journey in the audience. Hopefully some of them will become a valuable part of your life.

In a dynamically going, overfilled with information world we are looking for an internal balance. It's nothing more than a balance of spirituality, work and everyday life, that guarantees physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Aiming for balance in those three aspects leads to daily harmony and happiness.


Taking care of your body through having a nutritious diet, working out and taking care of yourself can have an impact on your health and prevent multiple diseases.


Mindfulness, meditation and skilful stress management allow us to take care of our well-being and improve our mood. Moreover, they minimize anxiety and help get rid of sadness.


Connecting to your soul leads to internal peace. It generates life purpose and a completely new quality of life.

Life Balance Congress with help you to:

increase your performance with biohacking


regenerate your mental state through kundalini awakening

achieve inner peace with shaolin masters

enjoy a fulfilling sex life

become your own best dietitian

communicate effectively with your partner

develop your consciousness with Sundao ISM practice

eat in a way that that promotes longevity

create a video sales letter that brings in 9 figures

reach your goals with your own courage

discover your truth with the family constellation


Ayla Schafer


Sam Garrett






Alex Serra





Shifu Shi Heng Yi

Rebalance The Shaolin Way

Headmaster of the Shaolin Temple Europe, involved in the sustainable development and spreading the Shaolin culture.

  • #shaolin_master
  • #buddism_authority

Steven Gundry, MD

Your longevity comes down to just one thing

A physical practitioner teaching people how to avoid surgery by using his unique vision of human nutrition.

  • #book_author
  • #cardiologist
  • #revolutionary_nutrition_plan
  • #research_on_plants

Robert Edward Grant

Entrepreneur, best-selling author, inventor, founder of numerous companies and host of the “Code X” program.

  • #entrepreneur
  • #author
  • #businessman

Shawn Wells

Supplements and psychedelics

Expert in nutritional biochemistry and health optimization.

  • #psychedelics
  • #neurogenesis
  • #brain_research
  • #biohacking
  • #dietitian
  • #creator_of_supplements
  • #biochemist

Joanna Przetakiewicz

Money Brings Happiness

Businesswoman, activist, founder of La Mania fashion brand and @eranowychkobiet_klub.

  • #activist
  • #women_empowerment
  • #author

Amy Killen, MD

Sexponential Medicine

Human optimization and regeneration specialist, entrepreneur, educator

  • #medicine
  • #sexuality
  • #female_orgasm
  • #biohacking
  • #sex_life
  • #doctor_of_medicine
  • #academic_teacher

Beata Pawlikowska

Renowned writer, journalist, and author of over a hundred motivational, travel, culinary, and language books.

  • #optimist
  • #author
  • #traveler

Ningrum Ambarsari

Awakening the Kundalini Shakti

Experienced yoga instructor and member of Kundalini Research Institute.

  • #master_teacher_of_Kundalini
  • #academic_teacher
  • #Kundalini_Awakening

Neale Donald Walsch

The God Solution

Author of bestselling series “Conversations with God”.

  • #purpose_of_life
  • #author_of_bestsellers
  • #spiritual_teacher

Master Yu

Power of Your Inner Space

Meditation instructor and somatic practice facilitator, creator of Sundao ISM Academy.

  • #meditation_teacher
  • #mindfulness
  • #wellness
  • #facilitator
  • #sundao_master
  • #somatic_practice

Peter Kell

Video Sales Letter

Advertising expert with over 10 years of experience in creating advertising materials.

  • #millionaire_before_30
  • #entrepreneur

Gerhard Walper

On the road to happiness and success

Facilitator and leading trainer of Family Constellation, advisor to entrepreneurs.

  • #family_constellation
  • #therapist

Maya Ori

HEAR ME NOW, or effective communication in which the word is the end, not the beginning

Transformational coach, precursor of education about male and female energy in the context of male-female relationships.

  • #transformational_coach
  • #male_female_relationships
  • #female_support

Aggie Lal

Biohack your Body, Mind and Soul!

A visionary in biohacking, empowering women globally to optimize their health, fitness, and overall well-being.

  • #biohacking
  • #author
  • #traveller
  • #female_empowerment

Anna Skura

Create the life of your dreams in harmony and wealth

A traveler, giving women the courage to change and teaching peace and stress-free living.

  • #traveler
  • #entrepreneur
  • #female_inspiration

Taisja Laudy

Discover Your GeniusFormula®

Creator of the GeniusFormula® methodology, author, certified international Trainer of the Gallup Institute.

  • #Creator_of_Genius_Formula
  • #talents_of_the_Holy_Spirit
  • #author
  • #Trainer_of_the_Gallup_Institute

Rodzeń Brothers

Medical doctors specialized in keto diet and intermittent fasting.

  • #medical_doctors
  • #authors
  • #intermittent_fasting
  • #keto

Laurent De Bremaeker

How to become your own best nutritionist

Founder of Żywa Kuchnia, healthy eating book author, passionate about food energy.

  • #masterchef
  • #body_recovery
  • #superfoods
  • #foodhacking
  • #life_energy
  • #detox

Michał Kiciński

Buddhist Vipassana Meditation through the Practitioner's Eye: What It Gives and Takes Away

CD Projekt co-founder, investor, featured in Forbes’ 100 Richest People in Poland list.

  • #CD_Pojekt_co-founder
  • #meditating_millionaire
  • #investor

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Reconnecting with the human spirit through fitness & wellness

Professional personal trainer and Former Taekwondo National Champion.

  • #birkam_yoga
  • #fitness
  • #vitality_after_70

Dawid Piątkowski

Author of books on spirituality, sports, and business development.

  • #levels_of_consciousness
  • #mentoring
  • #business
  • #author_of_bestsellers

Szczepan Brzeski

"On the way to the Crown of the Earth and Mount Everest" - why do people risk their lives?

Traveler, sportsman, Himalayan mountaineer, Seven Summits and Mount Everest conquer.

  • #Mount_everest
  • #challenge
  • #power_of_mind
  • #Seven_Summits
  • #ultramarathoner

Daniel Konieczny

Text message from God

International lecturer, mentor, Result Coach and investor.

  • #mental_development
  • #investor
  • #business
  • #mental_change

Jan Paweł Tomaszewski

Time of Courage

Entrepreneur, investor, ambassador of the Feniks law firm, actor, ICF coach, public speaking trainer and marathon runner.

  • #public_speaking_coach
  • #master_of_ceremony
  • #ICF_coach

Michał Zawadka

Experienced mental trainer and speaker, promoter of positive thinking in life and business.

  • #entertainer
  • #soft_skills
  • #families_mentor
  • #

Kamil Sikora

Organizer of events whose aim is to develop body, mind and spirit.

  • #awareness
  • #mission
  • #business





The Debut scene is a space for lecturers, who have never performed on a big stage but have a lot of valuable wisdom and experience in terms of mental, physical and spiritual development.

Adam Kin

Anatolij Krugłow:

Paweł Alva Nazaru

Regina Bukowska

At any moment you can change everything!

Healthy lifestyle and veganism promoter, creator of Regina Bukowska Świat and Time for Detox community groups.

  • #detox
  • #juice_therapy
  • #promoter_of_healthy_lifestyle

Adam Kin

Levels of Consciousness

Spiritual mentor and therapist. He combines psychology, psychotherapy and Spiritual Truths

  • #hellinger_settings
  • #levels_of_consciousnss
  • #emotional_blockages
  • #releasing_techniques

Piotr Sierpowski

Microcirculation - the way to health

Microcirculation knowledge and innovative FTN method promoter

  • #microcirculation
  • #neuroanatomy
  • #Biofeedback

Paweł Pawlak

No fears and blockages. Personal effectiveness without inner war.

Hypnotherapist, mental preparation coach in business and professional sports.

  • #hypnosis
  • #modern_shamanism
  • #mind_programming
  • #mental_trainer

Paweł Nazaruk

Awakening to health!

Entrepreneur with innovative ideas and patents, author of the bestseller “Investment Awakening”, passionate about Chinese medicine and true human health.

  • #entrepreneur
  • #chnieshe_medicine
  • #investment_awakening

Anatolij Krugłow

Transform consciousness and achieve success

Entrepreneur, Investor, Rentier, Mentor, Designer and Athlete.

  • #multi_ entrepreneur
  • #affirmation_master
  • #rentier
  • #motivation
  • #financial_freedom

Luiza Szarecka

From bodybuilding to naturopathy - my path to freedom

Conscious eating and healthy lifestyle enthusiast. In love with fasting and its healing power.

  • #fasting
  • #longevity
  • #naturopathy






Ticket Categories

Price will rise in:



  • translation of the performances
  • days of lectures
Price on the day of the event: $185 140,32 $


  • seat in “Water” zone
  • 3 days of lectures
  • 3 days of fairs
  • 3 days of concerts
Price on the day of the event: $209 152,23 $


  • seat in “Earth” zone
  • 3 days of lectures
  • 3 days of fairs
  • 3 days of concerts
  • workbook
  • 1 tree planted on your behalf
  • selected multimedia presentations
Price on the day of the event: $229 199,87 $


  • seat in “Air” zone
  • 3 days of lectures
  • 3 days of fairs
  • 3 days of concerts
  • workbook
  • 1 tree planted on your behalf
  • selected multimedia presentations
  • fast registration at the event
  • vouchers from partners
  • access to “AIR” lounge
Price on the day of the event: $459 361,87 $


  • seat in “Fire” zone
  • 3 days of lectures
  • 3 days of fairs
  • 3 days of concerts
  • workbook
  • 1 tree planted on your behalf
  • selected multimedia presentations
  • fast registration at the event
  • vouchers from partners
  • book with autograph
  • access to “FIRE” lounge
  • access to wellness
  • photoshoot with lecturers
  • 3 lunches with lecturers
Price on the day of the event: $1379 1226,65 $


Our event is translated in real time to Polish and English.

Price on the day of the event: $69 Today: 35,50 $

Life Balance Food

by Laurent de Bremaeker

Laurent de Bremaeker

This year we decided to create a unique space of Life Balance Food which offers a healthy plant based diet and revolves around seven chakras. All of that will be prepared by Laurent de Bremaker, who was trained in the best culinary institutions, is fascinated with healthy eating and is a founder of the concept and restaurant Żywa Kuchnia. Laurent and his chefs who use low-temperature cooking will carefully select organic ingredients based on their chakra-related nutrients to create balanced and delicious meals with the highest nutritional value that will fill your body through those three days. Our goal is to deliver not only healthy meals but also holistic food experience which contributes to physical and mental well-being. We believe that our food court will be an amazing addiction to Life Balance Congress and we cannot wait to share with you the power of healthy and delicious food.

About the event:


Warszawskie Centrum EXPO XXI,
Ignacego Prądzyńskiego 12/14 Street,
01-222 Warsaw

How to get there?

By car

By bus:

PKP Wola (Kasprzaka) bus stop,
lines: 105, 136, 167, 178, 184, 186, 255, 414, 523

By train:

PKP Wola or PKP Dworzec Zachodni station

Latest editions

Prepare yourself for a journey into your inner self with international mentors who are focused on improving themselves and the world. See for yourself what the power of inner balance is all about. It can only be achieved by balancing three factors of life - spirit, body and mind.


Tickets can be bought on our website in cart TICKETS. After choosing the category of the ticket all you need to do is click on “Buy ticket” to proceed the payment. In the next step you will be able to choose the amount of tickets and additions, such as translation or 1 year access to recordings. Next, fill in your personal information. Remember to double check your email address. You will receive your electronic ticket through an email. At the end, choose your paying method and pay for your order. You can pay through PayNOW, PayU, payment cards or PayPal.

Within 72 hours of finalizing the transaction you will receive the electronic ticket along with the QR code to the email address you provided in the form when purchasing the ticket. Please note that your mailbox settings or automatic spam filters may accidentally direct the tickets we send you to a separate SPAM/Offer type folder or folders. If you still have not received your ticket after this time, please report to us using the email address by typing in the subject line: I haven’t received my ticket.

Yes. All you have to do is check the "I want to receive an invoice" option when filling out the purchase form and then fill in the fields with your invoice details. You will receive an invoice to the email address given during the purchase process. Please remember to enter your invoice data correctly. Once you receive it, it is not possible to change the data. We would like to remind you that if you don’t request an invoice during the buying process, the seller is not obliged to issue a VAT invoice to the buyer.

You can change personal information on the ticket up to 72 hours before the event. To do so, you need to contact us using email address by typing “Exchange of personal information on the ticker” as a title. Please, type name, surname, phone number and email address of the new participant in an email.

If you can not be present at the event, you can report that up to 72 hours before the event by using email address and change personal information on the ticket. That way someone else can participate in the event instead of you. Returning the ticket is only possible if the event is canceled or postponed.

No, registration at the event will be possible every day, at any time. Each participant needs to register only once. After registration you will get a fabric wristband which allows you to enter the venue.

No, each ticket category has a specific zone but none of them has numbered tickets. To change your ticket to a higher category ticket, please contact us by email at:

Yes, simultaneous translation from Polish to English will be available. You can purchase translation on our website up to 24 hours before the event or during the Life Balance Congress. Please remember that the price of the translation on the day of the congress is higher than the price given on Life Balance Congress website. Please have in mind that the number of sets is limited.

Na wydarzeniu należy mieć przy sobie bilet z kodem QR, który otrzymałeś/-aś na adres mailowy oraz dokument tożsamości. Drugiego i trzeciego dnia wydarzenia będziesz potrzebował/-a materiałowej opaski, którą otrzymasz podczas rejestracji pierwszego dnia wydarzenia.

Yes. If you want to upgrade your ticket contact us using Please, type in “Ticket upgrade” as a title in an email.

If you don’t receive your e-ticket within 72 hours from finalizing the transaction, at first please check the SPAM/Offer type folder and other folders on your email. If you still haven’t received your ticket, please report to us using the email address Please type “I haven’t received my ticket” as a title in an email.

Tickets can be returned only if the event is postponed or canceled.

Yes, please contact us using e-mail address

You should have your ticket with QR code that was sent to you though an email and your ID. On the second and third day you will be needing a fabric wristband that you will be given on the first day of the event.

Yes, after registering on the first day you will get a fabric wristband that will entitle you to access the venue multiple times.

Yes, there will be a lunch break and a food court with healthy vegetarian and vegan meals.

Unfortunately, it is only possible to buy tickets for the whole event.

Accommodation has to be organized by participants. It is not included in the price of the ticket.




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