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Life Balance Congress


Łukasz jakóbiak


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Warsaw, Poland

29 November - 1 December

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About the Event

Life Balance Congress is a 3-day event. There you will gain proven knowledge (factual and practical), which is based on three main fields of your life: health, self-development and business.

During the event, you will take your life under control by pushing the limits and creating a new supporting community on your way to self-fulfillment.

Our speakers are going to challenge you. Use their knowledge and experience in order to become an expert of your own life. You will discover your life values, beliefs, body remedies and emotions, which are so important in relations. And, of course, let’s not forget about the time and life mission everyone has.

Work, money and celebration of life could be accomplished by spirituality. Do you want to become effective in your personal life and in business? Join us on Life Balance Congress – this event is just for you.


  • We will show you what bio-hacking is and how to use it
  • Get to know about advanced breathing techniques and Wim Hof's Method secrets
  • Learn the revolutionary R90 sleep technique
  • We will teach you each you a variety of sport breathing techniques and an OXYGEN Advance technique
  • You will learn the secrets of healing power of whole foods
  • You will learn how to reset the vagus nerve, which is responsible for inflammation inside you
  • You will understand how your body impacts other aspects of life
  • You will learn how to get rid of depression without pharmaceuticals
  • We will show you how CANTIENICS works
  • How to get rid of toxins
  • We will show you how your body energy affects your personal life and business, representing the basis for everything you do
  • We will show you the products which will raise the quality of your life and bring back your health in a revolutionary way


  • Learn the secrets of life-hacking
  • Create your life balance
  • Explore your mission
  • Focus on things that really matter
  • Regain the time by taking the route of elimination, Pareto principles and determination of priorities
  • Learn how to use your potential
  • Manage your inside peace
  • Learn the techniques to be present here and now
  • Learn the technique of mind and heart coherence
  • Learn how to build relations
  • Get over your restrictive beliefs
  • Build the community that supports you
  • Create the better version of yourself
  • Stop competing with others and start competing with a person you could become
  • Awaken your spirituality so that it will become your life guide
  • Learn to use your congenital intuition and unleash it so it will work for you


  • You will learn to build a successful team
  • You'll get to know how to use proven sales techniques
  • We'll show you how to manage an online business
  • You will learn how to earn money online
  • We will teach you how to create sales funnels
  • Money Investment We'll show you how to build passive income
  • You'll learn how to gain the client's trust and create long-term relations
  • We'll show you how to build effective leverage in your business
  • Get to know the power of compound interest



Life Balance Congress is a place where you will learn how to recognize, unlock and use powerful resources, which you already have within

blair singer

Blair Singer is a world renowned speaker and the bestselling author of Little Voice Mastery, SalesDogs and Team Code of Honor. He has trained hundreds of thousands of people around the world on the business and personal development skills and techniques necessary to excel as a leader, speaker, facilitator, trainer, and sales person.

neale donald walsch

Neale Donald Walsch is the author of 37 books on contemporary spirituality, including seven New York Times bestsellers. His “Conversations with God” series has been translated into 35 languages and read by millions around the world.

Jairek Robbins

Jairek is a #1 bestselling author, decorated performance coach and lifestyle entrepreneur who has applied his innovative methods to living a life of adventure, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship.

​Joanna Przetakiewicz

Polish designer and businesswoman..The owner and creative director of fashion house „La Mania”. For several months Joanna develops social project „Era Nowych Kobiet”, which purpose is the supporting women in creating their self-respect by creating micro-society in cities all around Poland and world

Nick Littlehales

Nick is recognised as the world’s first and leading Elite Sport Sleep Coach, probably the world’s first Sleep Coach and regarded as a leading human recovery innovator. He has over 35 years’ experience within the sleep and sleeping product industry and over 22 years dedicated to elite sport.

benita cantieni

Swiss therapist, founder of the innovative method for BodyForm & Posture CANTIENICA. Author of 28 books, including a bestseller „Tigerfeeling: The perfect pelvic floor training for men and women” in which she describes her own story. She created the „Vivatomy” – interpretation of human anatomy; the basis of CANTIENICA® method creation and also she is an initiator of a new fitness culture.

N.ICE Collective


Martin – is one of first international instructor of Wim Hof Method, the certified coach of Oxygen Advantage/Buteyka. He was trained by Wim Hof and Patrick McKeown.

Artur is the Seeker of people’s potential. He is dediacted to science and exploration techniques, which unite mind and body.

Mariusz Budrowski


Mariusz is an expert of the raw-food diet. He was inspired by the raw-food lifestyle and because of his inappropriate diet, he started to fade.

Laurent De Bremaeker

Laurent De Bremaeker is a young entrepreneur, author and speaker from Belgium, running a vibrant – and already legendary – Life Cuisine restaurant in Warsaw and just launched a new Kombucha Brand for the European Market.

peng joon

Peng Joon is known as an influencer in a field of earning money on selling online.

Dr Iliana Ramirez

Mexican woman, who was born in the family of curanderos. Lives in Poland. By education Iliana is chemist, but by experience – academic lecturer and scientist.

Dr Mateusz grzesiak

Psychologist, international coach and consultant. He trains in an international level (mainly in European and American markets) for over 17 years in 7 languages.

Paweł Jan Mróz

Paweł Jan Mróz is the spiritual teacher, which is not related neither to tradition, nor to religion. By education he is psychologist and therapist, and for many years he also worked as a coach.

Paweł Danielewski

Paweł Danielewski is an expert of online marketing, who in the last 5 years helped his clients to generate over 100 000 000 PLN in online sales.

Barbara Piasek

Barbara has 10-years experience as a manager in international corporations among others Procter&Gamble, RWE, BMW Poland, Orange and Empik. She is CEO of EVENEA.


Holywood star's personal trainer

The expert in fitnes and healthy food. As a personal coach he motivates and inspires many people. He supports everybody who is involved by educating and filling with positive energy. He was Heidi Klum’s, Seal’s and Keanu Reeves’ coach.

Aleksander Sienkiewicz

The coach of new sales’ psychology, certified coach of Swiss method of Structogram®

Sandy Jadeja

Sandy Jadeja is a main market strategist in Master Trading Strategies, leading educational service provider in trade. He is connected with financial markets over 24 years. Also, Sandy is a respected and well-known analyst and coach.


The personal charm, smile and good manners cause to be most loved presenter. Tomasz Kammel is the TV-star and the expert in the field of interpersonal communication.

Marcin Osman

Entrepreneur, sales practitioner, business books publisher. Is known for his thinking outside the box about selling and running own business. He is an expert in the field of internet marketing, Youtuber and influencer.

Barbara Sołtysińska

Co-founder of LifeTube and indaHash. LifeTube is the the biggest network of lots of channels in Europe. Indahash is the international platform of automized cooperation with in-fluencers. In 2016 indaHash implemented over 250 campaigns for global brands in Poland, Ger-many, great Britain and South Africa.

Dawid Bagiński

Marketing and Business champ. Has nearly 13 years of experience in creating businesses, among others – online businesses. He is an owner of 6 companies operating in 9 industries. One of them is marketing agency „SocialElite.pl” where he helps to drive up Polish and European markets for more than 120 companies’ owners.

Fryderyk Karzełek

Every day at 5:55 am, he is waking up thousands of Polish people. Thanks to this, Polish people change their life, thanks to changing their habits. Fryderyk more that 25 years supports people in the field of finances. He is the evangeliser of natural sale. In everyday life he follows the principles of Heksagon Happiness.

Łukasz Jakóbiak

Motivational speaker, entrepreneur, presenter. Łukasz was performing on the same scene with the biggest experts in the field of personal development. Also he runs „20m2” channel, where a lot of famous people come in order to have a talk.

Marcin Pracki

The philologist of Russian language, author of translation more than 200 books, including „Transerfing” of Vadim Zeland. Over 13 years runs practical workshops, where shows how to use transerfing in real life


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  • Educational materials
  • Access to congress's mobile app
  • Free parking
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  • Additional activities
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  • Author's book with an autograph
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  • Author's book with an autograph
  • Quick registration desk
  • Partner's vouchers
  • VIP zone access
  • Wellness zone access
  • Photoshoot with speakers
  • Gala dinner with speakers
  • Front row seats
  • Free TAXI to and from the event venue from Warsaw
  • Free parking
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“What you think, you create. What you create, you become. What you become, you express. What you express you experience. What you experience you are. What You are, you think. The circle closes”

— Neale Donald Walsch



All educational materials (workbooks, wristbands and brochures) will be produced from recycled paper.


For every ticket you buy, we donate money to “Fabryka tlenu” fund to purchase one tree, which we will plant together. Remember, that one tree produces oxygen for 3 people.

Zero plastic

We do not pollute our Planet with plastic. So, cutlery, plates and straws are biodegradable.


Healthy products and BIO catering without any sugars and chemicals added. We want to create new habits among congress’ attendees.


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Ptak Warsaw Expo
Aleja Katowicka 62
05-830 Nadarzyn

Life Balance Congress is a three-day event, which is going to last Friday 29.11.2019 to Sunday 01.12.2019.

Day 1: Friday, November 29. 10:00-21:00 (registration since 07:00-10:00)
Day 2: Saturday, November 30. 9:00-21:00
Day 3: Sunday, December 1. 9:00-21:00

How do get to Warsaw Ptak Expo?
By car: Ptak Warsaw Expo is situated by the road S8 in the direction to Katowice, exit “Paszków”. The way from Warsaw city center will take nearly 15 minut. There won’t be any problems with parking, because there are nearly 15 000 parking places.

By urban transport ZTM: Ptak Warsaw Expo is situated in the western suburban zone of Warsaw, near Nadarzyn. You can catch the lines 703, 711 from the stop P+R Krakowska. You have to get off on the stop “Paszków”. The buses are leaving every 30 minutes from 5:00 till 23:00 (excluding night buses). We recommend to check the schedule of urban transport. While buying the ticket, remember that Warsaw Ptak Expo is situated in the second ticket zone.

By bus: most of buses are are coming and arriving from the following bus terminals: Western Station (Warszawa Zachodnia PKS) and Eastern Station (Warszawa Wschodnia PKS), which are situated nearby the railway station with the same names. We suggest to use Western Station, because it is the most comfortable because of international bus lines: Eurolines and Ecolines.
By train: in Warsaw You can use three railway stations: Dworzec Centralny (Warsaw Centum), Dworzec Wschodni (Western Warsaw) and Dworzec Zachodni (Eastern Warsaw). From the Western railway station You can reach Ptak Warsaw Expo only in 13 minutes.

Grzybowska Street 61B,
00-844 Warsaw
220 PLN (Price includes one night in apartments for two people)

Wronia Street 45,
00-870, Warsaw
200 PLN (Price includes one night in apartments for two people)

Sławińska Street 6
01-218 Warsaw
200 PLN (Price includes one night in apartments for two people)”

J.P. Woronicza Street 31,
02-640 Warsaw
200 PLN (Price includes one night in apartments for two people)

Where can I buy the ticket?
The tickets are available on our website in the TICKETS tab.There You can buy tickets through evenea.pl

What is the price of the ticket?
The actual prices are available in the TICKET tab on our website. Remember, that prices are growing all the time, so by buing the ticket now, You are saving money.

Can I get the invoice?
Yes, for every ticket You can get the invoice.

Is the translation from Polish to English available?
Yes, during the event you can use the simultaneous interpreting from Polish to English . Everybody can buy the simultaneous interpreting on our website up to 24 hours before the event.

What if I have not got the ticket?
If You haven’t got Your ticket 48 hours before the event, please contact us by: kontakt@lifebalancecongress.com

What if I have a ticket but I can’t attend the event?
The tickets can not be returned. No exceptions. If You can’t take part at the event, You can report it to: kontakt@lifebalancecongress.com up to 48 hours before the event and change the ticket holder’s name.

What time the registration begins?
The registration starts on Friday at 07:00 and finishes at 10:00. The speeches are going to start on time, so we recommend to be in Warsaw Ptak Expo as soon as You can in order to avoid queue and take a good sitting place.

Are the sitting places numbered?
No, the places are not numbered, but every ticket category has its determined area. You decide where You want to sit while coming to the Event.

What I have to take with me to the event?
– The ticket with QR code, which you got on Your email.
-Personal ID

What is the dress-code?
You can dress up as You wish in order to feel good.

Can I take photos or videos during the event?
In accordance to the right of personal portrayal, You can’t permanently record the speakers’ image, permanently record the speakers’ speech or its parts and its distributing.

Is the coffee break planned during the event?
Yes, we will let You know more soon.

Will we have an opportunity to eat something during the event?
During the event You will be able to buy some food from our partners. PLATINUM and VIP ticket holders are provided with lunch during all three days of event. In order to change You ticket to Platinum or VIP, contact us by: kontakt@lifebalancecongress.com

What time the event is going to finish?
We are always trying to finish the event in time. Though speakers, in accordance to high standards, always want to give all the materials/presentation they have, so we guess that schedule could be modified.

Customer Service (english):
Kateryna Bilyk
tel.: +48 534 000 129
e-mail: kateryna@wecreate.global

Partners / sponsors:
Basia Skowrońska
e-mail: basia@wecreate.global