Alex Serra

Alex Serra is a musician and explorer from the Mediterranean city of Barcelona. His debut album ‘In the Real World’ (2019) springs from an inspiring four-year self-discovery journey starting in 2012 and taking him through Latin America and South Africa, where he connects with musicians from different musical roots that permeate his music with a unique and regenerating energy. He created his first album navigating through genres such as downtempo/soul/dub/reggae. These songs recreate the soundscapes and emotions that Alex picked up on his journey around the world, combining with electronic beats of afro-latin rhythms, and an exquisite use of textures and dub fx. Since then Alex Serra & Totidub have toured all over the world. ‘In the Real World’ has become a worldwide phenomenon reaching over 177 countries and played more than 29 million times all over the planet.

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