Marika is an artist who writes lyrics and composes music for herself and many other well-known artists. She was the first singer to perform the reggae-dancehall style in Poland on a large scale. She played hundreds of concerts in Poland and abroad, e.g. in France, UK, USA, India, China. She hosted three editions of the well-known The Voice of Poland program, but that’s not all, because Marika is also the author of larger literary forms. She wrote the book “Antydepressants”, a collection of stories and song lyrics enriched with beautiful illustrations. On April 13, 2023, after a five-year break, she released a new album entitled “Cycle”. Her sixth full-length album consists of 11 tracks that will allow the listener to cleanse themselves of the emotions suppressed inside. The songs on the album concern deepening the relationship with oneself and the world, ask questions about self-acceptance and finding a place in the reality of consumer saturation.

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