The Fire ticket is intended for participants who wish to receive everything we provide at the Life Balance Congress. With this ticket you will be as close to our speakers as possible. You will sit in the front rows under the stage, take part in a VIP dinner and a photo session with the speakers. As a gift, you will also find an autographed book and everything that is provided by tickets of the lower categories.

The Fire ticket includes:
– 3-day event
– A slot in the Fire sector
– Fairs
– 3 concerts
– Workbook
– 1 tree planted in your name
– Multimedia presentations of the speakers
– Fast registration
– Vouchers from partners
– – Autographed book
– Access to the Wellness Zone
– Photo session with speakers
– Gala dinner with the speakers

Life Balance Congress Ticket | Ticket Category: FIRE


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Our strength to act and to pursue our passion comes from Fire. It is a power and a life force. The most energetic element is responsible for intelligence. Thanks to it, we have the courage to make changes in our lives. Fire is the foundation for understanding, appreciating, and paying attention to others. Sometimes it can be unpredictable. This element does not like limitations, therefore it allows you to reject everything that is useless and out of date. This way we have room for new perspectives. Open up to a new life, talk to the speakers and relax in the Wellness Zone. Fire is the force that is in you.

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