Taisja Laudy

Creator of the unique GeniusFormula® methodology. Author of a book that has already transformed thousands of lives, “My Life with Mr Good”. Certified international Trainer of the Gallup Institute, recognized expert in working with Strengths all around the world, from Poland to New Zealand. Founder and CEO of TLnC Global – Certified Coaching/Consulting of Strengths from the Gallup Institute and the GeniusLife™ Foundation. Privately, a wife and mother, a woman with a Mission and Vision that Fulfillment and Joy should be accessible to everyone! Taisja’s courses and tools will teach you who you truly are, why you are here, what powers you possess, what obstacles you face, and how to overcome them… and then how to apply it all to enter a life of Abundance and Fulfillment — a life you have always desired.

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