Shifu Shi Heng Yi

Shifu Shi Heng Yi belongs to the 35th Generation of Shaolin Masters and is the headmaster of the Shaolin Temple Europe. In this function he takes over the physical as well as mental training and development of the novices, disciples and master students of the temple in Otterberg in Germany. For more than 30 years, Master Shi Heng Yi has been involved in the Shaolin Arts and the studies of Human potential. In his first appearance at the TEDxVitosha event in 2020, he shared his profound insights on the 5 Hindrances to Self-Mastery. After graduating from several academic qualifications, Master Shi Heng Yi has been involved in the sustainable development and spreading the Shaolin culture, wisdom and way of life. His goal and endeavor is not only to explain and convey theoretical principles in a comprehensible way, but above all to make this knowledge tangible in a practical and everyday way, to share the precious teachings to a wider audience.

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