Leilani Szajek

Leilani shares with her 25,000-strong audience on the Facebook group daily posts about her 15+ years of experience with dream manifestation, quantum leaps, parallel realities, and how to properly imprint new assumptions on the Subconscious, resulting in quick resulsions visible in the outside world. The knowledge she imparts comes strictly from practical experience. She documents her life on social media showing that you can easily live the life of your dreams on your terms.

Łukasz Krasoń

One of the most recognizable motivational speakers in Poland. Entrepreneur, social activist for people with disabilities, “dreamer whose dreams come true”. His activities on Social Media generate millions of views. Privately a happy father and husband.

Riya Sokół

Public speaker, artist, author. Known by hundreds of thousands of people in Poland and around the world for her effort to inspire conscious living and her unconventional approach to various areas of everyday life – through which people improve their quality of life in a very significant way. She has won many Polish and international awards for her work, including Polish Business Woman Awards, INDEPENDENT SHORTS AWARDS, AUSTRALIA INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL, Global Music Awards.

Ewa Malik

Author of books evolved around development issues. She conveys how to live despite of common stereotypes. In her books and trainings, she shows the most common mistakes in life, as well as ways to eliminate them, and shares advice that she has  developed based on the experience of her own life. Author, driven by passion in building a happy life without limitations. Specialist in bringing out self-confidence and authenticity.


Samuel J. Hollins

Holistic Health & Longevity Coach and creator of the Age In Reverse Program. Empowering people to become the best version of themselves.

Luiza Szarecka

She is a woman on a constant journey, in love with life, experiencing its lights and shadows. She left her own prison to regain the longed-for freedom. She went through a difficult path of transformation from a bodybuilder to a naturopath. She fell apart to be reborn and discover natural beauty and truth.

Conscious eating and healthy lifestyle enthusiast. In love with fasting and its healing power. She experienced three 42-day fasts and a 10-day water fast. These processes completely changed her life. She believes in the healing power of fasting and the self-healing of the body. She fasts regularly out of respect for herself and her own health.

The motto that guides her through life is: The only power that exists is within ourselves.

Anatolij Krugłow

Entrepreneur, Investor, Rentier, Mentor, Designer and Athlete. In just a few years, he went from a full-time job to being a rentier and multi-entrepreneur. He has helped many people start their own business and build financial independence.

Paweł Nazaruk

Paweł is a versatile entrepreneur who has led numerous business projects in both the United States and Poland. His innovative approach to design and inventiveness earned him many patents to his name. Paweł is also the author of the best-selling book Investing Awakening. He is passionate about Chinese medicine and true human health. Its mission is to make people aware of the extremely important issues related to real health.

Paweł Pawlak

Certified hypnotherapist, mental preparation coach in business and professional sports. He has worked with entrepreneurs, celebrities and Olympic athletes. He specializes in working with fears, painful past experiences, addictions, habits and procrastination. He combines hypnotherapy, modern shamanism, strands of Norse mythology and many other systems to unravel patterns that may be limiting human potential on a subconscious level.

Piotr Sierpowski

Microcirculation knowledge and innovative FTN method promoter, graduate of the Romanian Institute of Neuroanatomy, Neuroelectro Psychology and Biofeedback. Co-founder of an information portal promoting the latest technological solutions in the microcirculation industry. For nearly 5 years he was professionally associated with the Modern Warsaw Wellnes SPA Studio Sante, where he co-created concepts oriented to healthy and natural human beauty.

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